Merry Christmas!
(I’ve had this queued since the 30th August…) 

Merry Christmas!

(I’ve had this queued since the 30th August…) 

Deleting this blog!

Go here for my new one :)

The Six Degrees of Wikipedia Game



  1. Go to Wikipedia.
  2. Click on or search for any article you want.
  3. When the article loads, click on the first legitimate link to another article in the first paragraph (the phonetic links don’t count).
  4. Repeat until you end up in the article for Philosophy.
  5. Say, “There’s no way in hell that’ll work again.” Spend the next two hours trying and failing to break the system.

This actually worked for me!

@Moldovanpotato on Twitter :)

  • Max: Zahra were we supposed to be serious when filling out these address forms?
  • Me: Yes...
  • Max: Oh because I put as a contact
  • Name: Binladen
  • Relation: Personal friend
  • Address: A cave in Pakistan

Casually sobbing at Zabuza’s death

Tomorrow, I’m going to make a new Tumblr account

Simply because this one is clogged up with rubbish. Too many text posts and people I follow :|

"He really, really liked you!" Naruto stop trying to get Zabuza and Haku together, at this point in time that’s necrophilia


Photo Courtesy: shipeo


Photo Courtesy: shipeo

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